my name's thalia,
and i live the u.s.a.
i like teen wolf, bands and
taylor swift a little too much.
about the blog

this blog is 87% taylor swift, and about 13% multifandom, which may or may not
be increasing everyday.
my interests vary from
anime and books to one direction and youtubers,
so this is a warning.

ally katy magda judith tessa nareen nataly rosie nacha tijana amelia lee hayley ali lily
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shake it O F F(taylor swift)

We are never ever getting back together….like, ever.

your blog is really cute and i love the sidebar :)

thefearlesspotato: me pls :)

ur url is life and your blog is gr8 !!

taylorswjft: Me ???

i adore your theme and your icon is rad af

ur url is my FAV and i love seeing u on my activity idk but yOU’RE AWESOME

emily!!! you’re literally the sweetest and nicest person ever, idk how you do it and your blog is amazing af i’m jealous

swiftnessly: swiftnessly ? x3

you have an awesome blog and i’m so in love with ur icon man

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